Who We Are

Diani Design is a full service design and marketing agency located right in Diani Beach/Kenya.

So far we have collected a lot of experience in many different niches such as tourism, entertainment, electronics, water sports, finance, real estate and dating and are very confident to fulfill all your wishes in no time.

Hello and thanks for being interested in Diani Design.

We are here for you in case you need any design or coding done to your website or need an online presentation done from scratch. On top of that we also take care of your websites marketing. This way we can guarantee a nice and steady flow of traffic, which means a lot of interested customers which will flower your business!

One of the most important parts about a website is the published content. It is what attracts readers and converts traffic into sales. If your content is not of very high quality, you will have a hard time to generate an online income. We from Diani Design take care of that part and supply you with great original content that is search engine optimized and generates a high conversion rate.

Quality articles are great, but in order to fascinate your readers you are in need of awesome photos and videos. Diani Design is well experienced in this area and can take care of all your needs.

Promotional videos, infographics and advertising photos can be ordered from us and will enrich your website.

In addition to that we are offering our services in creating e-mail lists and maintain them for you.

This way you can keep your subscribers updated about your business and send them offerings.

Diani Design takes care of the implementations to your website, e-mailing your subscribers, tracking their actions and keeping score of the generated sales.

When speaking about tracking, we also help Internet Marketers to keep track of their Affiliate/CPA campaigns and provide them with very detailed reports about their potential customers/leads.

In the modern world, social media marketing is a must for every company. You need to stay active and get in contact with your customers. Diani Design will create a Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube profile for you, which will allow you to get feedback absolutely free of costs and keep everyone posted about sales, special offers and promotions. On top of that it will keep you in peopleĀ“s mind and generate more traffic and sales this way.

As you can see, we are offering a full service and can supply you with everything the internet marketing world needs. What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and get a professional team take care of your problems? Then hire Diani Design and experience our amazing work live!

If you are located at Diani Beach, we are more than happy to meet with you in person, but we are also here for you via Skype, E-Mail, or phone!

Thanks for reading. We are looking forward to receive word from you!

Your Diani Design Team